Sunday, March 14, 2010

Works in Progress

Hi Everyone,

I have been experimenting this week with a number of techniques. I had a lot of fun with trying to make canes, working with mica powders and alcohol inks. The canes where somewhat successful. I going to try again using a different type of clay. I think the kaleidoscope cane will work better for me if I use kato clay. I have avoided kato clay so far because I have such a hard time conditioning it. I did manage to make something out of the cane I made. Take a look at beginnings of a pendant in black and white in the picture.

I also made a klimt cane and with it I made the beginnings a pendant. I have to work on the details of the necklace. This piece will be very simple because of all the colors in the cane. I really like colors and I was able to use studio sculpey for this piece. I really loved working with the clay extruder. I have a minor in Ceramics and I did not realize how much I miss using an extruder, so I really had fun. This cane is very simple to make and I think I did a pretty good job.

I experimented with mica powders and I had lot of fun. I will do more experiments with these powders in many different colors. It gives the pieces a new dimension and opens up many possibilities.

Gold leafing is okay I really don't what I going to do with this technique but it is interesting. I completely failed using the inks. The colors do not blend like I want them to, but I will continue to perfect this technique as well.

My husband always says the more tools you have in your toolbox the more cars you can work on. So my goal is to perfect as many techniques as I can, so that my creative mind can soar.

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